Composite materials researcher wins global science award

Dr Kamyar Shirvani Moghaddam

Research Fellow Dr Kamyar Shirvani Moghaddam has been named as a winner at the 8th Venus International Science and Technology Awards.

The Venus International Award recognises individuals for their quality, reliability and competence to apply knowledge and skills to carry out specific tasks. Its mission is to recognise ‘Expertly Qualified Researchers’ who are committed to finding solutions to daunting challenges.

Dr Shirvani Moghaddam will receive the award for most Outstanding Researcher in Materials. Currently, his work is focused on composite materials, advanced nanostructures and carbon-based structures.

‘My research focus is sustainability and circular economy with emphasise on using waste materials as a feedstock for development of value-added products,’ he says.

‘I am deeply working on plastic waste, food waste and textile waste as a valuable source for development of multifunctional structures for various applications including energy, composite and environmental applications.’

In the next five years he plans to have his first book out and apply for major international and national grants in a field of sustainability and circular economy.

‘My ultimate goal is managing several projects with a core of human-centred engineering, sustainability and circular economy to find creative ways for solve engineering challenges,’ he says.

The awards ceremony will be held at the 8th Annual Science and Technology Meet to be held on 2 July at Green Park Chennai, India.