Deakin Professors announced as finalists in the 2023 Eureka Prizes

Professor Maria Forsyth during the Battery Research and Innovation Hub – Tour and Showcase at the Battery Research and Innovation Hub in Burwood. (Photo by Scott Barbour)

MEDIA RELEASE – 19 July 2023

Deakin University is proud to announce two academic staff as finalists of the prestigious 2023 Australian Museum Eureka Prizes.

The 2023 awards recognise leaders in Research and Innovation, Leadership, Science Engagement and School Science.

Wildlife Ecology and Conservation Professor Euan Ritchie, from the School of Life and Environmental Sciences, is a finalist in the Celestino Eureka Prize for Promoting an Understanding of Science.

Alfred Deakin Professor Maria Forsyth, from Deakin’s Institute for Frontier Materials, is a finalist for the Eureka Prize for Outstanding Mentor of Young Researchers.

Professor Ritchie and Professor Forsyth are well-recognised for their research and dedication to their respective fields.

In celebrating his nomination, Professor Ritchie said:

“Climate change, and the widespread and accelerating decline and extinction of species, and ecosystem collapse, threaten our very existence. The good news is that science can inform and drive solutions to help meet this challenge. It is vital that ecological and conservation research is translated and made accessible across society, to aid positive change.

It is a great honour to have my efforts in this regard recognised through being a 2023 Eureka Awards finalist.”

Professor Forsyth is a world leader in electro materials and corrosion science, developing advanced materials for a range of energy and infrastructure technologies.

Throughout Professor Forsyth’s career she has mentored more than 200 young researchers.

“I believe that the future of scientific discovery and innovation lies in nurturing the curiosity, passion and creativity of the next generation of researchers,” Professor Forsyth said.

Presented annually in partnership with some of the nation’s leading scientific institutions, government organisations, universities and corporations, the Eureka Prizes raise the profile of science and science engagement in the community by celebrating outstanding achievement.

Since the prizes were established in 1990, close to 500 Eureka Prizes have been awarded.

The winners will be announced during a live broadcast event on Wednesday, 23 August.

Deakin wishes both Professor Ritchie and Professor Forsyth the best of luck.

Professor Euan Ritchie

Professor Maria Forsyth


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