IFM early career researcher receives competitive DECRA

Dr Mega Kar

An Institute for Frontier Materials researcher was one of eight successful Deakin recipients in the latest round of the Australian Research Council Discovery Early Career Researcher Awards (DECRA) scheme.

The IFM project, led by Dr Mega Kar, was among 200 new research projects to take a share in the $86 million in ARC funding.

According to the ARC, dedicated funding support from the DECRA scheme is a strong investment into the growth of Australia’s research and innovation capacity.

“Increasing Australia’s research and innovation capacity generates new knowledge and results in the development of new technologies, products and ideas, the creation of jobs, economic growth and an enhanced quality of life in Australia,” ARC Chief Executive Officer Judi Zielke said.

Dr Kar’s project received $445,237. In total Deakin University received $3.389 million in funding from the scheme.

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Dr Mega Kar – Electrolyte design for high-performance, sustainable sodium batteries


This project aims to develop sustainable high-performance sodium batteries by investigating new non-flammable and safe electrolyte chemistries. The project will generate knowledge in materials chemistry for battery electrolytes that will underpin improvements in battery technology and help to move society towards a zero-carbon economy. The outcomes will provide materials suitable for prototyping reliable, safe and sustainable batteries in Australia and enhance research collaborations with local and international industry partners. These advances will contribute to reliable, affordable, and sustainable energy storage systems, positioning Australia at the forefront of advanced battery research.