Industry solutions

IFM Battery Research & Innovation Hub, Burwood.

The Institute for Frontier Materials (IFM) links world-class materials science research with industry to bring innovative ideas into the commercial world.

Using a collaborative framework, IFM works with its partners at any stage of the research and development process from investigating an initial idea all the way through to scale-up translation.

IFM works with industry partners in a range of sectors both in Australia and internationally. We welcome enquiries from industry about how we can work with you to provide solutions to your materials problems. Our industry partners include:

Advanced Manufacturing Growth Centre Ltd

Boron Molecular

Calix Limited

Callidus Welding Solutions

Carbon Revolution Pty Ltd

Cooperative Research Centre for Advanced Automotive Technology Ltd

Cotton Research and Development Corporation

Cytomatrix Pty Ltd

Defence Materials Technology Centre

Ear Science Institute Australia Inc

Eden Energy Ltd

Ford Australia

Ford USA

Future Fuels CRC Ltd

General Motors Holdings LLC

HeiQ Pty Ltd

Innovative Manufacturing Cooperative Research Centre

Lincoln Agritech Ltd

Li-S Energy Pty Ltd

NPlex Pty Ltd

Office of Naval Research USA

Petronas Research SDN BHD


Quickstep Automotive Pty Ltd

SEA Automotive

Toyota Motor Corporation Japan

Transport for NSW

US Air Force Research Laboratory


Vestas – Australian Wind Technology Pty Ltd


"Deakin had this really extensive experience in silk and silk fibroin and it grew from there, it grew from a wonderful relationship between scientists. Geography has made absolutely no difference, it's just because the people really want to work together, it has been very productive. It's one of the best collaborations in science that I've worked in and I think it's because the people are right and they want it to work."

"Callidus is very open to new ideas and, so far, these new concepts are working well. The benefits and learning has been two-way, which is how a partnership should be.

Already the technology is being adopted commercially with clear benefits. The partnership we have developed with Deakin is a true win, I hope for both teams.

Innovation although a bit overused today is at the core of our DNA as a company. What happened when Deakin became a resource has been truly magic. Almost every trial we have placed has performed exceptionally well and to date two new products have been born."


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