Reactive Compression Molding Post-Inverse Vulcanization: A Method to Assemble, Recycle, and Repurpose Sulfur Polymers and Composites

N. A. Lundquist, A. D. Tikoalu, M. J. H. Worthington, R. Shapter, S. J. Tonkin, F. Stojcevski, M. Mann, C. T. Gibson, J. R. Gascooke, A. Karton, L. C. Henderson, L. J. Esdaile, J. M. Chalker

2020 / Chemistry - A European Journal

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Suitability of Remediated PFAS-Affected Soil in Cement Pastes and Mortars

A. Fehervari, C. Gallage, F. Collins, W. P. Gates

2020 / Vol. 12, pp. 4300 / Sustainability

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Engineering high-energy-density sodium battery anodes for improved cycling with superconcentrated ionic-liquid electrolytes

D. A. Rakov, F. Chen, S. A. Ferdousi, H. Li, T. Pathirana, A. N. Simonov, P. C. Howlett, R. Atkin, M. Forsyth

2020 / Nature Materials

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Electrolytes and Interphases in Sodium-Based Rechargeable Batteries: Recent Advances and Perspectives

G. G. Eshetu, G. A. Elia, M. Armand, M. Forsyth, S. Komaba, T. Rojo, S. Passerini

2020 / Vol. 10, pp. 2000093 / Advanced Energy Materials

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Scalable Manufacturing of Free-Standing, Strong Ti 3 C 2 T x MXene Films with Outstanding Conductivity

J. Zhang, N. Kong, S. Uzun, A. Levitt, S. Seyedin, P. A. Lynch, S. Qin, M. Han, W. Yang, J. Liu, X. Wang, Y. Gogotsi, J. M. Razal

2020 / Vol. 32, pp. 2001093 / Advanced Materials

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3D knitted energy storage textiles using MXene-coated yarns

A. Levitt, D. Hegh, P. Phillips, S. Uzun, M. Anayee, J. M. Razal, Y. Gogotsi, G. Dion

2020 / Vol. 34, pp. 17 - 29 / Materials Today

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Predictions of Pattern Formation in Amino Acid Adlayers at the In Vacuo Graphene Interface: Influence of Termination State

J. B. Awuah, T. R. Walsh

2020 / Vol. 16, pp. 1903403 / Small

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Highly Thermoconductive, Thermostable, and Super-Flexible Film by Engineering 1D Rigid Rod-Like Aramid Nanofiber/2D Boron Nitride Nanosheets

K. Wu, J. Wang, D. Liu, C. Lei, W. Lei, Q. Fu

2020 / Vol. 32, pp. 1906939 / Advanced Materials

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PAN precursor fabrication, applications and thermal stabilization process in carbon fiber production: Experimental and mathematical modelling

H. Khayyam, R. N. Jazar, S. Nunna, G. Golkarnarenji, K. Badii, S. M. Fakhrhoseini, S. Kumar, M. Naebe

2020 / Vol. 107, pp. 100575 / Progress in Materials Science

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Toward High-Energy-Density Lithium Metal Batteries: Opportunities and Challenges for Solid Organic Electrolytes

X. Wang, R. Kerr, F. Chen, N. Goujon, J. M. Pringle, D. Mecerreyes, M. Forsyth, P. C. Howlett

2020 / Vol. 32, pp. 1905219 / Advanced Materials

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2D transition metal dichalcogenide nanomaterials: advances, opportunities, and challenges in multi-functional polymer nanocomposites

M. Ahmadi, O. Zabihi, S. Jeon, M. Yoonessi, A. Dasari, S. Ramakrishna, M. Naebe

2020 / Vol. 8, pp. 845 - 883 / Journal of Materials Chemistry A

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Electronic Polarizability as the Fundamental Variable in the Dielectric Properties of Two-Dimensional Materials

T. Tian, D. Scullion, D. Hughes, L. H. Li, C. Shih, J. Coleman, M. Chhowalla, E. J. G. Santos

2019 / Vol. 20, pp. 841 - 851 / Nano Letters

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