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The role of parent austenite grain size on the variant selection and intervariant boundary network in a lath martensitic steel

Ahmad Mirzaei, Peter Hodgson, Xiaoyu Ma, Vanessa K. Peterson, Ehsan Farabi, GS Rohrer, Hossein Beladi

2024 / Vol. 889, pp. 145793 / Materials Science and Engineering A

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Phase transformation in additively manufactured Co-Cr-Mo alloy after solution and aging heat treatment

Jubert Pasco, L. Jiang, T. Dorin, Ali Keshavarzkermani, Yi He, C. Aranas

2024 / Vol. 207, pp. 113467 / Materials Characterization

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Grain scale bursts of plasticity in Mg-4Zn via high energy X-rays: Towards twin observation in real-time

Matthew Barnett, J. Wang, Sitarama Kada, Alban de Vaucorbeil, A. W. Stevenson, Marc Fivel, Peter Lynch

2024 / Vol. 264, pp. 119549 / Acta Materialia

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Multifunctional basalt fiber polymer composites enabled by carbon nanotubes and graphene

KV Balaji, K. Shirvanimoghaddam, M. Naebe

2024 / Vol. 268, pp. 111070 / Composites Part B: Engineering

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Increasing ductility via Cu addition in Al<inf>x</inf>CrFeMnNi: Towards a scrap-based high entropy alloy

Mohammad Navazani, Sitarama Kada, Daniel Fabijanic, Matthew Barnett

2024 / Vol. 164, pp. 108100 / Intermetallics (Barking)

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Improving mechanical and life cycle environmental performances of recycled CFRP automotive component by fibre architecture preservation

Di He, H. Kim, Silvano Sommacal, F. Stojcevski, Vi Kie Soo, Wojciech Lipiński, Evgeny Morozov, Е В Морозов, Luke C. Henderson, Paul Compston, Matthew Doolan

2023 / Vol. 175, pp. 107749 / Composites part A: applied science and manufacturing

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Transformation-mediated in-situ β recrystallization in laser powder-bed fusion additively manufactured Ti-6Al-4V

J. Chen, Daniel Fabijanic, Milan Brandt, Weilin Xu

2023 / Vol. 206, pp. 113452 / Materials Characterization

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Unveiling ion-coordination in super-concentrated borate-based ionic liquid electrolyte

Dale Duncan, Isuru E. Gunathilaka, M. Forsyth, DR MacFarlane, M. Kar

2023 / Vol. 472, pp. 143398 / Electrochimica Acta

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The crystallization kinetics analysis and the new prediction index of melilite-bearing slag under solid fuel gasification condition

H. Lu, Jing Bai, Lingxue Kong, H. Li, Zongqing Bai, W. Li

2023 / Vol. 477, pp. 147089 / Chemical Engineering Journal

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Polyaniline-based adsorbents for water treatment: Roles of low-cost materials and 2D materials

A. Samadi, Z. Wang, Shunhui Wang, Nataraj Sanna Kotrappanavar, S. K. Nataraj, Lingxue Kong, Shuaifei Zhao

2023 / Vol. 478, pp. 147506 / Chemical Engineering Journal

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Solvent-Induced Deformation of Aramid Nanofibers for Ultrahigh-Flux Nanofiltration Membranes

Yuxi Ma, S. Qin, Guoliang Yang, L. Wang, Tairan Yang, H. Zang, J. Chen, Y. Liu, D. Liu, W. Lei

2023 / Advanced Functional Materials

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Light-enhanced osmotic energy generation with an aramid nanofiber membrane

g. Chen, Yu Lin, W. Lei, Guoliang Yang, Mao Xu, X. Li, Y. Liu, D. Liu

2023 / Vol. 15, pp. 1 - 9 / NPG Asia Materials

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Optimization of briquetting conditions and influencing factors of high-strength sludge briquette

P. Gao, Zongqing Bai, T. Zhang, Yunqian Jia, Yingchun Hou, W. Li, J. Chen, Zhifang Guo, Lingxue Kong, Jing Bai

2023 / Vol. 432, pp. 139749 / Journal of cleaner production

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Cotton yarns decorated with hydrothermally reduced graphene oxide for flexible supercapacitors

N. Li, Dou Du, Chengen He, Lejun Yu, W. Tang, Shuang Hu, X. Wang, Zhuan Fu, Liangjun Xia, Weilin Xu, Lingxue Kong

2023 / Vol. 205, pp. 117547 / Industrial crops and products (Print)

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Incremental shape rolling of top-hat shaped automotive structural and crash components

Abdelrahman Essa, Buddhika Abeyrathna, Bernard Rolfe, Matthias Weiss, Matthias Weiß

2023 / Vol. 321, pp. 118162 / Journal of Materials Processing Technology

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Advanced Janus membrane (MXene/CoAl-LDH) for efficient asymmetric ion transport and nanofluidic energy harvesting

Guoliang Yang, Yijun Qian, L. Wang, Yuxi Ma, J. Chen, H. Zang, X. Li, W. Lei, S. Qin, D. Liu

2023 / Vol. 118, pp. 108972 / Nano Energy

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Inorganic-gel hybrid electrolyte and in-situ artificial interlayer: A void-free design for high-performance solid-state Li batteries

Donggun Kim, Ye Fan, Srikanth Mateti, Yongjun Chen, X. Hu, Qiran Cai, Baozhi Yu

2023 / Vol. 117, pp. 108890 / Nano Energy

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Co-delivery of pirfenidone and siRNA in ZIF-based nanoparticles for dual inhibition of hepatic stellate cell activation in liver fibrotic therapy

Ke Wang, Huijun Chen, S. Qin, S. Chen, Q. Zhang, J. Chen, Donghua Di, Guangyue Su, Yue Yuan

2023 / Vol. 231, pp. 113567 / Colloids and Surfaces B: Biointerfaces

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Emerging electrochemical additive manufacturing technology for advanced materials: Structures and applications

Hafsa Siddiqui, Netrapal Singh, Palash Naidu, Koyalada Bhavani Srinivas Rao, Sunil Gupta, Avanish Kumar Srivastava, Sathish Natarajan, S. Kumar, M. S. Santosh, N. Sathish, Ludovic F. Dumée, Sami Rtimi

2023 / Vol. 70, pp. 161 - 192 / Materials Today

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Transformation of Single-Use Plastics into Lighter Hydrocarbons via an Economical Coal Fly Ash based Zeolite Catalyst

Nik Hossein Nazarloo, O. Zabihi, K. Shirvanimoghaddam, M. Ahmadi, M. Naebe

2023 / ChemCatChem

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