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New Insights into Decoupled Cation and Anion Transport and Dynamic Heterogeneity in a Diethyl(methyl)(isobutyl)phosphonium Hexafluorophosphate Organic Ionic Plastic Crystal

H. Zhu, G. Huang, Luke A. Dell, M. Forsyth

2021 / Vol. 12, pp. 9853 - 9858 / The Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters

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Phase behavior and electrochemical properties of solid lithium electrolytes based on N-ethyl-N-methylpyrrolidinium bis(fluorosulfonyl)imide and PVdF composites

Y. Zhou, X. Wang, H. Zhu, George Greene, M. Armand, M. Forsyth, Jenny Pringle, Patrick Howlett

2021 / Vol. 363, pp. 1 - 7 / Solid State Ionics

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Superwettable amidoximed polyacrylonitrile-based nanofibrous nonwovens for rapid and highly efficient separation of oil/water emulsions

Weitao Zhou, Y. Zhang, Shan Du, X. Chen, K. Qi, T. Wu, Jingliang Li, S. Cui, J. He

2021 / Vol. 3, pp. 3093 - 3102 / ACS Applied Polymer Materials

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A versatile transition metal ion-binding motif derived from covalent organic framework for efficient CO₂ electroreduction

Y. Zhao, L. Hao, J. Ning, H. Zhu, A. Vijayakumar, C. Wang, GG Wallace

2021 / Vol. 291, pp. 1 - 9 / Applied Catalysis B: Environmental

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3D Hydrazone-Functionalized Covalent Organic Frameworks as pH-Triggered Rotary Switches

W. Zhao, C. Yu, Jingxiang Zhao, F. Chen, X. Guan, H. Li, Bin Tang, G. Yu, V. Valtchev, Y. Yan, S. Qiu, Q. Fang

2021 / Vol. 17, pp. 1 - 9 / Small

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Engineering antifouling reverse osmosis membranes: A review

Shuaifei Zhao, Z. Liao, A. Fane, Jingliang Li, C. Tang, C. Zheng, J. Lin, Lingxue Kong

2021 / Vol. 499, pp. - / Desalination

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Zwitterionic Block Copolymer Prodrug Micelles for pH Responsive Drug Delivery and Hypoxia-Specific Chemotherapy

Jingxiang Zhao, YY Peng, D. Diaz-Dussan, J. White, W. Duan, Lingxue Kong, R. Narain, X. Hao

2021 / pp. 1 - 12 / Molecular Pharmaceutics

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Erratum: Dual-cross-linked network hydrogels with multiresponsive, self-healing, and shear strengthening properties (Biomacromolecules (2021) 22:2 (800-810) DOI: 10.1021/acs.biomac.0c01548)

Jingxiang Zhao, D. Diaz-Dussan, M. Wu, YY Peng, J. Wang, H. Zeng, W. Duan, Lingxue Kong, X. Hao, R. Narain

2021 / Vol. 22, pp. 1756 - / Biomacromolecules

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Lignin: A Review on structure, properties, and applications as a light-colored UV absorber

Y. Zhang, M. Naebe

2021 / Vol. 9, pp. 1427 - 1442 / ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering

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Assessment of hydropower sustainability: Review and modeling

Y. Zhang, H. Ma, Shuaifei Zhao

2021 / Vol. 321, pp. 1 - 14 / Journal of cleaner production

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Nanoscale coating on tip geometry by cryogenic focused ion beam deposition

S. Zhang, G. Gervinskas, Y. Liu, R. Marceau, J. Fu

2021 / Vol. 564, pp. 1 - 7 / Applied Surface Science

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Tailoring the defects of two-dimensional borocarbonitride nanomesh for high energy density micro-supercapacitor

L. Zhang, K. Huang, P. Wen, J. Wang, Guoliang Yang, D. Liu, Z. Lin, C. Lian, H. Liu, S. Zheng, ZS Wu, W. Lei

2021 / Vol. 42, pp. 430 - 437 / Energy Storage Materials

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Vanadium-Doped Monolayer MoS2with Tunable Optical Properties for Field-Effect Transistors

J. Zhang, Y. Zhu, M. Tebyetekerwa, D. Li, D. Liu, W. Lei, L. Wang, Y. Zhang, Yang Lu

2021 / Vol. 4, pp. 769 - 777 / ACS Applied Nano Materials

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Substrate-independent, regenerable anti-biofouling coating for polymeric membranes

J. Zhang, Guang Wang, Z. Xu, Y. Zhao, Yichao Wang, Fenghua She, S. Gray, Lingxue Kong

2021 / Vol. 11, pp. 1 - 13 / Membranes

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3D printing of silk powder by Binder Jetting technique

J. Zhang, Benjamin James Allardyce, Rangam Rajkhowa, X. Wang, X. Liu

2021 / Vol. 38, pp. 1 - 11 / Additive Manufacturing

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Nanoscale modelling of polymer electrolytes for rechargeable batteries

Heng Zhang, F. Chen, J. Carrasco

2021 / Vol. 36, pp. 77 - 90 / Energy Storage Materials

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Deformation modes during room temperature tension of fine-grained pure magnesium

Z. Zeng, Ming Zhou, Peter Lynch, F. Mompiou, Q. Gu, M. Esmaily, Y. Yan, Y. Qiu, S. Xu, H. Fujii, C. Davies, JF Nie, N. Birbilis

2021 / Vol. 206, pp. 1 - 20 / Acta Materialia

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The effect of drying method on the porosity of regenerated cellulose fibres

Beini Zeng, Nolene Byrne

2021 / Vol. 28, pp. 8333 - 8342 / Cellulose

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Novel Phosphorous-Based Deep Eutectic Solvents for the Production of Recyclable Macadamia Nutshell-Polymer Biocomposites with Improved Mechanical and Fire Safety Performances

O. Zabihi, M. Ahmadi, Ramdayal Yadav, Roya Mahmoodi, E. Naderi Kalali, S. Nikafshar, Mahmoud Reza Ghandehari Ferdowsi, DY Wang, M. Naebe

2021 / Vol. 9, pp. 4463 - 4476 / ACS Sustainable Chemistry and Engineering

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Humidity-sensitive irreversible phase transformation of open-framework zinc phosphate and its water-assisted high proton conduction properties

J. Yu, HJ Yu, Q. Ren, J. Zhang, Y. Zou, HB Luo, L. Wang, XM Ren

2021 / Vol. 50, pp. 8070 - 8075 / Dalton Transactions

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