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Morphological Evolution and Solid-Electrolyte Interphase Formation on LiNi0.6Mn0.2Co0.2O2 Cathodes Using Highly Concentrated Ionic Liquid Electrolytes

Meisam Hasanpoor, Damien Saurel, Rosalía Cid Barreno, Rosalía Cid, Kilian Shani Fraysse, María Echeverría, María Jáuregui, Francisco Bonilla, George Greene, R. Kerr, M. Forsyth, Patrick Howlett

2022 / Vol. 14, pp. 13196 - 13205 / ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces

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Sustainable biodegradable denim waste composites for potential single-use packaging

Abu Naser Md Ahsanul Haque, M. Naebe

2022 / Vol. 809, pp. 152239 / Science of the total environment

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On a new high order phase field model for brittle and cohesive fracture: numerical efficiency, length scale convergence and crack kinking

TK Mandal, Vinh Phu Nguyen, JY Wu

2022 / Vol. 203, pp. 111079 / Computational Materials Science

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Synthesis of porous iron hydroxy phosphate from phosphate residue and its application as a Fenton-like catalyst for dye degradation

Weilin Guo, Y. Cao, Y. Zhang, L. Wang, Lingxue Kong

2022 / Vol. 112, pp. 307 - 319 / Journal of Environmental Sciences

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Surface modification of carbon fiber as a protective strategy against thermal degradation

Yanmullage Wickramasingha, Ben Newman, Bhagya Dharmasiri, James D. Randall, Y. Yin, GG Andersson, Dhriti Nepal, F. Stojcevski, Daniel Eyckens, Luke C. Henderson

2022 / Vol. 153, pp. 106740 / Composites part A: applied science and manufacturing

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Interface characteristics and precipitation during the austenite-to-ferrite transformation of a Ti-Mo microalloyed steel

Ilias Bikmukhametov, Hossein Beladi, J. Wang, V. Tari, AD Rollett, Peter Hodgson, Ilana Timokhina

2022 / Vol. 893, pp. 162224 / Journal of Alloys and Compounds

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Enhanced properties of silk fabric through immobilization of gold and titanium dioxide nanoparticles

Jing An, Fan Zou, J. Zhang, Bin Tang, J. Wang

2022 / Vol. 634, pp. 128018 / Colloids and Surfaces A: Physicochemical and Engineering Aspects

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Luminescence and optical thermometry based on silico-carnotite Ca3Y2Si3O12: Pr3+ phosphor

Xiaohui Tian, Jingliang Li, Huiyan Sheng, Ting Li, Lejia Guo, Changyan Ji, Zehui Huang, Huang Zhi, Jin‐Kun Wen, X. Liu, C. Li, YY Peng

2022 / Vol. 48, pp. 3860 - 3868 / Ceramics International

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Reinforcing hydration layer on membrane surface via nano-capturing and hydrothermal crosslinking for fouling reduction

Z. Xiong, J. Liu, Yang, Q. Lai, X. Wu, J. Yang, Qingyi Zeng, Gaosheng Zhang, Shuaifei Zhao

2022 / Vol. 644, pp. 120076 / Journal of Membrane Science

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Numerical and experimental analysis on anisotropic thermal conductivity of carding quartz fiber web based on the reconstruction model

Peijian Du, Xiang Ding, Qinghua Liang, X. Chen, Y. Zhang, L. Chen

2022 / Vol. 92, pp. 2100 - 2111 / Textile Research Journal

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Scalable, Robust, Low-Cost, and Highly Thermally Conductive Anisotropic Nanocomposite Films for Safe and Efficient Thermal Management

Q. Chen, Zhenqiang Ma, Z. Wang, Longlong Liu, Mingkang Zhu, W. Lei, Pingan Song

2022 / Vol. 32 / Advanced Functional Materials

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Ion Transport in Li-Doped Triethyl(methyl)phosphonium Tetrafluoroborate (Li-[P1222][BF4]) Impregnated with PVDF Nanoparticles

Frederick Nti, Hiroyuki Ueda, Colin Kang, George Greene, Jenny Pringle, H. Zhu, Patrick Howlett, M. Forsyth, X. Wang

2022 / Vol. 126, pp. 3839 - 3852 / The Journal of Physical Chemistry C

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Mesh objective simulations of large strain ductile fracture: A new nonlocal Johnson-Cook damage formulation for the Total Lagrangian Material Point Method

Alban de Vaucorbeil, Vinh Phu Nguyen, TK Mandal

2022 / Vol. 389, pp. 114388 / Computer methods in applied mechanics and engineering

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Plastic crystal-based electrolytes using novel dicationic salts

Shanika Abeysooriya, Minjae Lee, LA O’Dell, Jenny Pringle

2022 / Vol. 24, pp. 4899 - 4909 / Physical Chemistry, Chemical Physics - PCCP

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Fire-retardant unsaturated polyester thermosets: The state-of-the-art, challenges and opportunities

Seyed Mohsen Seraji, Pingan Song, Russell J. Varley, Serge Bourbigot, Dean Voice, Hongxia Wang

2022 / Vol. 430, pp. 132785 / Chemical Engineering Journal

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Ti<inf>3</inf>C<inf>2</inf>T<inf>x</inf> MXene based hybrid electrodes for wearable supercapacitors with varied deformation capabilities

J. Zhang, Degang Jiang, Leiping Liao, Liang Cui, Runguo Zheng, J. Liu

2022 / Vol. 429, pp. 132232 / Chemical Engineering Journal

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A microstructure-based creep model for additively manufactured nickel-based superalloys

S. Wu, Haoyu Song, H. Peng, Peter Hodgson, Hongxia Wang, X. Wu, Y. Zhu, Michelle Lam, A. Huang

2022 / Vol. 224, pp. 117528 / Acta Materialia

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Optimising the Al and Ti compositional window for the design of γ’ (L1₂)-strengthened Al–Co–Cr–Fe–Ni–Ti high entropy alloys

Jithin Joseph, Murugesan Annasamy, Sitarama Kada, Peter Hodgson, Matthew Barnett, Daniel Fabijanic

2022 / Vol. 835, pp. 142620 / Materials Science and Engineering A

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Novel colorimetric membranes based on polylactic acid-grafted-citrated methacrylated urethane (PLA-CMU) to monitor cod freshness

Hongxia Wang, Tao Wan, Shunhui Wang, Q. Li, Bowen Cheng

2022 / Vol. 194, pp. 452 - 460 / International Journal of Biological Macromolecules

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Emission and spatialized health risks for trace elements from domestic coal burning in China

Qishe Yan, Lifeng Xi, Fahui Wu, Shaofei Kong, Y. Yan, X. Liu, S. Zheng, S. Qin, Zhenzhen Niu, Huang Zheng, Yuhang Cheng, X. Zeng, JY Wu, Liquan Yao, D. Liu, Guofeng Shen, Zhenxing Shen, Shihua Qi

2022 / Vol. 158, pp. 107001 / Environment International

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