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Modelling and analysis of the energy intensity in polyacrylonitrilie (PAN) precursor and carbon fibre manufacturing

Antal Dér, Nikolas Dilger, Alexander Kaluza, Claudia Creighton, Sami Kara, Russell J. Varley, Christoph Herrmann, Sebastian Thiede

2021 / Vol. 303, pp. 1 - 15 / Journal of cleaner production

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A healable polyethylene adhesive using poly(ethylene methacrylic acid) (EMAA) for three-layer pipe coatings

Dell, Carmelo Olio, J. Zhang, K. H. Leong, M. Shamsul F. Samsudin, Russell J. Varley

2021 / Vol. 4, pp. 1 - 15 / Multifunctional materials

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Understanding material behaviour of ultrafine-grained aluminium nano-composite sheets with emphasis on stretch and bending deformation

S. Deb, SK Panigrahi, Matthias Weiss

2021 / Vol. 293, pp. 1 - 12 / Journal of Materials Processing Technology

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Modelling contacts with a total Lagrangian material point method

Alban de Vaucorbeil, V. P. Nguyen

2021 / Vol. 373, pp. 1 - 28 / Computer methods in applied mechanics and engineering

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Predicting Operating Rules for Successful Melt Electrowriting

A. Daneshfar, SL Edwards, Ludovic F. Dumée, Lingxue Kong, TC Hughes

2021 / Vol. 3, pp. 1890 - 1898 / ACS Applied Polymer Materials

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Transmission electron microscopy investigation of the dislocation structure in a Ti-6Al-4V alloy subjected to an early stage of cyclic deformation

Pavel Cizek, Sitarama Kada, J. Wang, N. Armstrong, RA Antoniou, Peter Lynch

2021 / Vol. 172, pp. 1 - 13 / Materials Characterization

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Unipolar stroke, electroosmotic pump carbon nanotube yarn muscles

H. Chu, X. Hu, Z. Wang, J. Mu, N. Li, X. Zhou, S. Fang, CS Haines, JW Park, S. Qin, N. Yuan, J. Xu, S. Tawfick, H. Kim, P. Conlin, M. Cho, K. Cho, J. Oh, S. Nielsen, KA Alberto, Joselito Razal, J. Foroughi, GM Spinks, SJ Kim, J. Ding, J. Leng, RH Baughman

2021 / Vol. 371, pp. 494 - 498 / Science

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Fabrics with Novel Air-Oil Amphibious, Spontaneous One-Way Water-Transport Capability for Oil/Water Separation

H. Chi, Z. Xu, Z. Wei, T. Zhang, Hongxia Wang, Tong Lin, Y. Zhao

2021 / Vol. 13, pp. 29150 - 29157 / ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces

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Influence of temperature on twinning dominated pop-ins during nanoindentation of a magnesium single crystal

Jun Cheng, Tingting Guo, Matthew Barnett

2021 / pp. 1 - 11 / Journal of Magnesium and Alloys

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Efficient and Green Synthesis of SiOC Nanoparticles at Near-Ambient Conditions by Liquid-Phase Plasma

Zhiqiang Chen, J. Wang, I. Onyshchenko, Yichao Wang, C. Leys, A. Nikiforov, W. Lei

2021 / Vol. 9, pp. 7728 - 7736 / ACS Sustainable Chemistry and Engineering

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Cationic polymer-in-salt electrolytes for fast metal ion conduction and solid-state battery applications

F. Chen, X. Wang, M. Armand, M. Forsyth

2021 / pp. 1 - 14 / [Unknown]

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Aramid Nanofiber Membranes for Energy Harvesting from Proton Gradients

g. Chen, Guoliang Yang, D. Liu, X. Wang, NA Kotov, W. Lei

2021 / pp. 1 - 8 / Advanced Functional Materials

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Artificial Synapse: Spatiotemporal Heterogeneities in Dopamine Electrochemistry at a Carbon Fiber Ultramicroelectrode

B. Chen, D. Perry, J. Teahan, IJ McPherson, J. Edmondson, Minkyung Kang, D. Valavanis, BG Frenguelli, PR Unwin

2021 / Vol. 1, pp. 6 - 10 / ACS Measurement Science Au

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The effect of post-processing heat treatment on the microstructure, residual stress and mechanical properties of selective laser melted 316L stainless steel

Qi Chao, S. Thomas, N. Birbilis, Pavel Cizek, Peter Hodgson, Daniel Fabijanic

2021 / Vol. 821, pp. 1 - 13 / Materials Science and Engineering A

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Multifunctional inhibitor mixture for reducing bacteria growth and corrosion on marine grade steel

Rainier Catubig, Agnes Michalczyk, Wayne Neil, Grant McAdam, John Forsyth, Mahdi Ghorbani Mousaabadi, R. Yunis, Margaret Ackland, M. Forsyth, Anthony E. Somers

2021 / pp. 1 - 22 / [Unknown]

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An Al-Cu Multielectrode Model for Studying Corrosion Inhibition with Praseodymium Mercaptoacetate at Intermetallic Particles in AA2024

Rainier Catubig, Yongjun Tan, AE Hughes, IS Cole, Bruce Hinton, M. Forsyth

2021 / Vol. 168, pp. 1 - 13 / Journal of the Electrochemical Society

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Tuning Electronic and Ionic Conductivities in Composite Materials for Electrochemical Devices

N. Casado, S. Zendegi, RD Olmo, A. Dominguez-Alfaro, M. Forsyth

2021 / Vol. 3, pp. 1777 - 1784 / ACS Applied Polymer Materials

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Hydration/dehydration behaviour of geosynthetic clay liners in the Antarctic environment

Genaro Gonzalo Carnero-Guzman, Abdelmalek Bouazza, Will P. Gates, R. Kerry Rowe, Rebecca McWatters

2021 / Vol. 49, pp. 196 - 209 / Geotextiles and geomembranes

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Macroradical enables electrical conduction in epoxy thermoset

JC Capricho, S. Saubern, SP Best, J. Maksimovic, Akhil Gupta, S. Juodkazis, BL Fox, N. Hameed

2021 / Vol. 230, pp. 1 - 9 / Polymer

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High-Linearity, Response-Range Adjustable Force Sensors Based on a Yarn/Film/Spacer Triboelectric Device Design

Y. Cao, Hao Shao, Hongxia Wang, X. Yang, Q. Gao, T. Cheng, J. Fang, Tong Lin

2021 / Vol. 6, pp. 1 - 9 / Advanced Materials Technologies

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