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Construction of KCu<inf>7</inf>S<inf>4</inf>@NiMoO<inf>4</inf> three-dimensional core-shell hollow structure with high hole mobility and fast ion transport for high-performance hybrid supercapacitors

Y. Sun, Z. Liu, Xing Zheng, C. Wang, J. Wang, Mingyuan Jiang, Degang Jiang, J. Liu

2023 / Vol. 249, pp. 110409 / Composites Part B: Engineering

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Damage resistance and open-hole strength of thin veneer laminates: Adopting design and testing principles from fibre-reinforced polymers

Johannes Reiner, Sergio Orellana Pizarro, Kenny Hadi, Darren Narain, Peng Zhang, Matthew J. Jennings, Mahbube Subhani

2023 / Vol. 143, pp. 106880 / Engineering Failure Analysis

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Nanoporous Dealloyed Metal Materials Processing and Applications─A Review

Gabriele Scandura, Priyanka Kumari, Giovanni Palmisano, Georgios N. Karanikolos, J. O. Orwa, Ludovic F. Dumée

2023 / Vol. 62, pp. 1736 - 1763 / Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research

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Hydrogen Biosensing: Prospects, Parallels, and Challenges

S. Garg, V. Mishra, L. Vega, RS Sharma, Ludovic F. Dumée

2023 / Vol. 62, pp. 4676 - 4693 / Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research

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Pervaporation-assisted crystallization of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs)

Claire Schmitz, Mohammed Noorul Hussain, Tom Meers, Zonghan Xie, L. Zhu, Tom Van Gerven, X. Yang

2023 / Vol. 3, pp. 100069 / Advanced Membranes

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Poly(ionic liquid)s having coumarate counter-anions as corrosion inhibitors in acrylic UV coatings

Daniela Minudri, Anthony E. Somers, N. Casado, M. Forsyth, D. Mecerreyes

2023 / Vol. 1, pp. 55 - 63 / RSC Applied Polymers

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pH-sensitive alginate hydrogel for synergistic anti-infection

J. Zhang, Christopher Hurren, Zhentan Lu, DY Wang

2022 / Vol. 222, pp. 1723 - 1733 / International Journal of Biological Macromolecules

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A review of milled carbon fibres in composite materials

Ben Newman, Claudia Creighton, Luke C. Henderson, F. Stojcevski

2022 / Vol. 163, pp. 107249 / Composites part A: applied science and manufacturing

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Facile One-Step Preparation of Mesoporous Siliceous Phophsomolybdic Acid for Proton Exchange Membrane

Hamid Ilbeygi

2022 / Vol. 14, pp. 387 - 394 / Micro and Nanosystems

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Active and passive drug release by self-assembled lubricin (PRG4) anti-fouling coatings

Clayton S. Manasa, S. M. Silva, Lilith M. Caballero Aguilar, Lilith M. Caballero-Aguilar, AF Quigley, RMI Kapsa, George Greene, SE Moulton

2022 / Vol. 352, pp. 35 - 46 / Journal of Controlled Release

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Experimental investigation on the quasi-static structural properties of carbon fibre/metal hybrids processed by roll forming

X. Hu, B. Zhu, Claudia Creighton, Peng Zhang, Tobias Reincke, R. Taube, Matthias Weiss, Matthias Weiß

2022 / Vol. 310, pp. 117781 / Journal of Materials Processing Technology

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Scalable areal capacity of SbSxCy+z micro-thin-film cathodes for lithium-metal polysulfide batteries

Khagesh Kumar Tanwar, Md Mokhlesur Rahman, Srikanth Mateti, Yongjun Chen

2022 / Vol. 435, pp. 141410 / Electrochimica Acta

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A room temperature functioning ammonia sensor utilising a bis-phenylalanine naphthalene diimide

S. Ali, MA Jameel, Akhil Gupta, M. Shafiei, SJ Langford

2022 / Vol. 348, pp. 114008 / Sensors and Actuators A: Physical

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Effect of Ti and TiC additions on the microstructure and wear resistance of high chromium white irons produced by laser directed energy deposition

Chengbo Zhu, Ian Fordyce, Shunping Sun, Murugesan Annasamy, K. T. Short, Daniel Fabijanic, Anna Paradowska, M. Leary, Milan Brandt, Mark Easton

2022 / Vol. 510-511, pp. 204519 / Wear

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Modelling of impeller-tumbler wear test with discrete element method

Vadim Zolotarevskiy, Santiago Corujeira Gallo, Michael P. Pereira, Matthew Barnett

2022 / Vol. 510-511, pp. 204509 / Wear

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A perspective on the wet spinning process and its advancements in biomedical sciences

Anahita Rohani Shirvan, Alireza Nouri, Alessandra Sutti

2022 / Vol. 181, pp. 111681 / European Polymer Journal

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A comprehensive experimental and numerical study of foldover onset and growth during the barrelling compression test

Shahin Khoddam, Mostafa Mansourinejad, Bahman Mirzakhani, Peter Hodgson, Adam S. Taylor

2022 / Vol. 14, pp. 168781322211438 / Advances in Mechanical Engineering

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A Generalized Water Retention Model for Geosynthetic Clay Liners

Zhi Chong Lau, Abdelmalek Bouazza, Ning Lu, Will P. Gates

2022 / Vol. 148 / Journal of Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental Engineering

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Two Forms of Ice Identified in Mars-like Clay Using Neutron Spectroscopy

GN Iles, Will P. Gates, José E. M. Pereira, Anton P. J. Stampfl, Laurie Aldridge, HN Bordallo

2022 / Vol. 126, pp. 21061 - 21070 / The Journal of Physical Chemistry C

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Precipitation in AA6063 produced from swarf using additive friction stir deposition

S. Babaniaris, L. Jiang, Ramesh Kumar Varma, Ehsan Farabi, T. Dorin, Matthew Barnett, Daniel Fabijanic

2022 / Vol. 3, pp. 100096 / Additive Manufacturing Letters

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