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Thermal comfort properties of cool-touch nylon and common nylon knitted fabrics with different fibre fineness and cross-section

Y. Yang, X. Yu, X. Wang, X. Liu, Peng Zhang

2021 / Vol. 72, pp. 217 - 224 / Industria Textila

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Super-adsorptive and photo-regenerable carbon nanotube based membrane for highly efficient water purification

Yang, Z. Xiong, Z. Wang, Y. Liu, Z. He, A. Cao, Liang Zhou, L. Zhu, Shuaifei Zhao

2021 / Vol. 621, pp. 1 - 12 / Journal of Membrane Science

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A facile, clean construction of biphilic surface on filter paper via atmospheric air plasma for highly efficient separation of water-in-oil emulsions

X. Yang, Shuai Liu, Z. Zhao, Z. He, Tong Lin, Y. Zhao, G. Li, Jiahao Qu, Lei Huang, Xue Peng, D. Liu

2021 / Vol. 255, pp. 1 - 11 / Separation and Purification Technology

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Near-Field Excited Archimedean-like Tiling Patterns in Phonon-Polaritonic Crystals

J. Yang, ZE Krix, SJ Kim, J. Tang, M. Mayyas, Yichao Wang, K. Watanabe, T. Taniguchi, Luhua Li, AR Hamilton, I. Aharonovich, OP Sushkov, K. Kalantar-Zadeh

2021 / Vol. 15, pp. 9134 - 9142 / ACS Nano

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Significant enhancement of thermoelectric figure of merit in BiSbTe-based composites by incorporating carbon microfiber

Guoliang Yang, Lina Sang, Frank Fei Yun, David R. G. Mitchell, Gilberto Casillas, Ning Ye, Khay See, Jun Pei, X. Wang, Jingliang Li, G. Jeffrey Snyder

2021 / Vol. Early View, pp. - / Advanced Functional Materials

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Stable Ti3C2Tx MXene–Boron Nitride Membranes with Low Internal Resistance for Enhanced Salinity Gradient Energy Harvesting

Guoliang Yang, D. Liu, g. Chen, Yijun Qian, Yuyu Su, S. Qin, L. Zhang, X. Wang, L. Sun, W. Lei

2021 / pp. 1 - 10 / ACS Nano

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A nitrogenous pre-intercalation strategy for the synthesis of nitrogen-doped Ti3C2Tx MXene with enhanced electrochemical capacitance

Fangli Yang, D. Hegh, D. Song, J. Zhang, Ken Aldren Usman, Z. Wang, Peng Zhang, W. Ma, W. Yang, S. Qin, Joselito Razal

2021 / pp. 1 - 9 / Journal of Materials Chemistry A

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Aramid Polycarbonate Resin Film Engineered Composite for Ballistic Protection: Engineered Layered Materials

Ramdayal Yadav, M. Naebe, X. Wang, B. Kandasubramanian

2021 / pp. 49 - 66

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Activation of persulfate by MnOOH: Degradation of organic compounds by nonradical mechanism

X. Xu, Y. Zhang, S. Zhou, R. Huang, S. Huang, H. Kuang, X. Zeng, Shuaifei Zhao

2021 / Vol. 272, pp. 1 - 10 / Chemosphere

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Low dimensional materials for glucose sensing

L. Xu, Xiaolei Zhang, Z. Wang, AA Haidry, Z. Yao, E. Haque, Yichao Wang, G. Li, T. Daeneke, Christopher McConville, K. Kalantar-Zadeh, A. Zavabeti

2021 / Vol. 13, pp. 11017 - 11040 / Nanoscale

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Insights into enzymatic mimicking activity of silver nanoprisms: spectral monitoring and analysis

C. Xu, Ji Zhou, Y. Ye, Bin Tang

2021 / Vol. 262, pp. 1 - 8 / Spectrochimica Acta Part A: Molecular and Biomolecular Spectroscopy

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Design and implementation of an organic powder printer

Daniel J. Whyte, Rangam Rajkhowa, Benjamin James Allardyce, X. Wang, Abbas Z. Kouzani

2021 / Vol. 23, pp. 1 - 18 / Bioprinting

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Insulin regulates human mammosphere development and function

Ashalyn P. Watt, Christophe Lefevre, Cynthia S. Wong, Kevin R. Nicholas, Julie Sharp

2021 / Vol. 384, pp. 333 - 352 / Cell and tissue research

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Pore-assisted lithium deposition in hierarchically porous and hollow carbon textile for highly stable lithium anode

Z. Wang, Q. Li, S. Qin, D. Liu, Peng Zhang, D. Hegh, J. Zhang, M. Naebe, W. Lei, Joselito Razal

2021 / Vol. 489, pp. 1 - 7 / Journal of Power Sources

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Solid-state rigid-rod polymer composite electrolytes with nanocrystalline lithium ion pathways

Yichao Wang, CJ Zanelotti, X. Wang, R. Kerr, L. Jin, WH Kan, TJ Dingemans, M. Forsyth, LA Madsen

2021 / pp. 1 - 10 / Nature Materials

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Engineering two-dimensional metal oxides and chalcogenides for enhanced electro- and photocatalysis

Yichao Wang, B. Ren, JZ Ou, K. Xu, C. Yang, Y. Li, Heng Zhang

2021 / Vol. 66, pp. 1228 - 1252 / Science Bulletin

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Novel carbon quantum dot modified g-C₃N₄ nanotubes on carbon cloth for efficient degradation of ciprofloxacin

Yichao Wang, X. Li, W. Lei, B. Zhu, J. Yang

2021 / Vol. 559, pp. 1 - 10 / Applied Surface Science

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Dynamical Water Ingress and Dissolution at the Amorphous-Crystalline Cellulose Interface

Yichao Wang, Alper Kiziltas, AR Drews, S. Tamrakar, P. Blanchard, Tiffany Walsh

2021 / Vol. 22, pp. 3884 - 3891 / Biomacromolecules

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Calculation of 1D and 2D densities in VMD: A flexible and easy-to-use code

Yichao Wang, Alper Kiziltas, P. Blanchard, Tiffany Walsh

2021 / Vol. 266, pp. 1 - 8 / Computer Physics Communications

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Efficient Triboelectric Nanogenerator (TENG) Output Management for Improving Charge Density and Reducing Charge Loss

Yichao Wang, Xing Jin, W. Wang, J. Niu, Z. Zhu, Tong Lin

2021 / Vol. 3, pp. 532 - 549 / ACS Applied Electronic Materials

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