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Insights into the Carbon Dioxide Separation Performance of Bis(trifluoromethylsulfonyl)imide-based Plastic Crystal Composite Membranes with Fluorinated Polar Polymers

Fernando Ramos‐Saz, Colin Kang, LA O’Dell, M. Forsyth, Jenny Pringle

2023 / pp. e202301314 / ChemSusChem

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Yarn breakage detection in ring spinning through ring temperature drop

X. Wu, W. Li, Christopher Hurren, X. Wang

2023 / pp. 1 - 10 / The Journal of The Textile Institute

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Surface and Conductivity Characterization of Layered Organic Ionic Plastic Crystal (OIPC)-Polymer Films

Minkyung Kang, Frederick Nti, Jun Rao, N. Goujon, M. Han, George Greene, X. Wang, M. Forsyth, Patrick Howlett

2023 / ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces

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Coordinating Silanol with a Single Al<sup>V</sup> Site for Brønsted Acidity on Mesoporous Amorphous Al<inf>2</inf>O<inf>3</inf>

W. Yang, X. Liu, LA O’Dell, L. Wang, Y. Jiang, Junjie Huang

2023 / Vol. 127, pp. 23212 - 23222 / The Journal of Physical Chemistry C

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Tailoring stimuli-responsive PVDF-based copolymer membrane with engineered pore structure for efficient antibody purification

P. Gao, Junjie Huang, Efecan Pakkaner, Jeroen Wagemans, Samuel Eyley, Wim Thielemans, Rik Gijsbers, Mario Smet, X. Yang

2023 / Vol. 476, pp. 146700 / Chemical Engineering Journal

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Ti<inf>3</inf>C<inf>2</inf>T<inf>x</inf> MXene coated carbon fibre electrodes for high performance structural supercapacitors

Bhagya Dharmasiri, Ken Aldren Usman, S. Qin, Joselito Razal, NT Tran, Piers Coia, Tiffany Harte, Luke C. Henderson

2023 / Vol. 476, pp. 146739 / Chemical Engineering Journal

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Revisiting Precipitation kinetics in Mg-Zn alloy – a multi-characterization and modeling study

Y. Yang, Veronique Massardier, Mahmoud Reza Ghandehari Ferdowsi, L. Jiang, J. Wang, T. Dorin, Sitarama Kada, Matthew Barnett, Michel Perez

2023 / Vol. 260, pp. 119276 / Acta Materialia

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Economic and environmental effects of precursor variation in a continuous carbon fibre manufacturing process

Thomas Groetsch, Maxime Maghe, Claudia Creighton, Russell J. Varley

2023 / Vol. 127, pp. 554 - 566 / Journal of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry

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Breaking the high-temperature strength-ductility trade-off in TiAl alloys through microstructural optimization

Guoming Zheng, Bin Tang, Shuaifei Zhao, Zhao Shang, J. Wang, Ying Xie, X. Chen, W. Wang, D. Liu, R. Yang, Jingliang Li

2023 / Vol. 170, pp. 103756 / International Journal of Plasticity

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Harnessing the power of water: A review of hydroelectric nanogenerators

Hongli Su, Azadeh Nilghaz, D. Liu, Liming Dai, J. Tian, Joselito Razal, Kunning Tang, Jingliang Li

2023 / Vol. 116, pp. 108819 / Nano Energy

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Effect of pulsed electric field on spore germination rate and enzyme activity of Aspergillus niger

S. Qin, S. Huang, Ming Zhou, Z. Wang, P. Li, Meng Ju, Jianzong Meng

2023 / Vol. 89, pp. 103473 / Innovative Food Science & Emerging Technologies

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Numerical study of the effects of pulsed electric field on β-casein

Y. Wu, S. Qin, Yuanfu Zang, Ming Zhou, S. Huang, S. Chen

2023 / Vol. 89, pp. 103484 / Innovative Food Science & Emerging Technologies

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Durable and comfortable electrospun nanofiber membranes for face mask applications

Riyadh Al-Attabi, Fenghua She, Shuaifei Zhao, Ludovic F. Dumée, Jürg A. Schütz, Weihong Xing, Ziyi Zhong, Lingxue Kong

2023 / Vol. 322, pp. 124370 / Separation and Purification Technology

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High Temperature Studies of Graphene Nanoplatelets-MOFs Membranes for PEM Fuel Cells Applications

Muhammad Tawalbeh, Amani Rashed Al‐Othman, Ahmad Ka’ki, Shima Mohamad, Amer Al-Jahran, Vishnu Unnikrishnan, O. Zabihi, Q. Li, K. Shirvanimoghaddam, M. Naebe

2023 / Vol. 962, pp. 93 - 98 / Key Engineering Materials

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Nanostructure of Locally Concentrated Ionic Liquids in the Bulk and at Graphite and Gold Electrodes

J. Wang, Joshua J. Buzolic, Jesse W. Mullen, Paul A. FitzGerald, Zachary M. Aman, M. Forsyth, H. Li, Debbie S. Silvester, Gregory G. Warr, R. Atkin

2023 / Vol. 17, pp. 21567 - 21584 / ACS Nano

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Towards effective recovery of humate as green fertilizer from landfill leachate concentrate by electro-neutral nanofiltration membrane

W. Ye, Mingqiu Hong, X. Huang, TBY Chen, Ailiang Gu, X. Lin, X. Li, X. Chen, Dong Han Seo, Shuaifei Zhao, B. Van der Bruggen, M. Xie, J. Lin

2023 / Vol. 896, pp. 165335 / Science of the total environment

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Transport Properties and Local Ions Dynamics in LATP-Based Hybrid Solid Electrolytes

Nicola Boaretto, Pedram Ghorbanzade, Haritz Perez-Furundarena, L. Meabe, Juan Miguel López del Amo, Isuru E. Gunathilaka, M. Forsyth, Jörg Schuhmacher, Andreas Roters, Sergey A. Krachkovskiy, Abdelbast Guerfi, M. Armand, Maria Martínez‐Ibáñez

2023 / pp. e2305769 / Small

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Light-driven simultaneous water purification and green energy production by photocatalytic fuel cell: A comprehensive review on current status, challenges, and perspectives

Jiahua Ni, Yanjun Wen, Donglai Pan, Jing Bai, Baoxue Zhou, Shuaifei Zhao, Z. Wang, Y. Liu, Qingyi Zeng, Zeng Qing-yuan

2023 / Vol. 473, pp. 145162 / Chemical Engineering Journal

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Polymer-aided microstructuring of moisture-stable GO-hybridized MOFs for carbon dioxide capture

Solomon K. Gebremariam, Yasser Fowad AlWahedi, Anish Mathai Varghese, K. Suresh Kumar Reddy, Yasser Al Wahedi, Ludovic F. Dumée, Georgios N. Karanikolos

2023 / Vol. 473, pp. 145286 / Chemical Engineering Journal

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Polymerically-enhanced nonwoven recycled carbon fibres used as capacitor electrodes

Ben Newman, Bhagya Dharmasiri, F. Stojcevski, Ken Aldren Usman, S. Qin, Joselito Razal, Luke C. Henderson

2023 / Vol. 173, pp. 107658 / Composites part A: applied science and manufacturing

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