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Thermoregulating textiles and fibrous materials for passive radiative cooling functionality

Esfandiar Pakdel, X. Wang

2023 / Vol. 231, pp. 112006 / Materials & Design

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Corrigendum to “Improvement of charge mobility and photovoltaic performance of small molecule oligothiophene donors through self-assembly” [Dyes Pigments (2022) 207 110718] (Dyes and Pigments (2022) 207, (S0143720822006404), (10.1016/j.dyepig.2022.110718))

Akhil Gupta, S. Ali, MA Jameel, Jingliang Li, A. J. Salman, R. A. Evans, Navneet Kaur, Ganesh D. Sharma

2023 / Vol. 215, pp. 111280 / Dyes and pigments

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Vitamin A-modified ZIF-8 lipid nanoparticles for the therapy of liver fibrosis

S. Qin, Xuening Du, Ke Wang, DY Wang, Jiani Zheng, Xing Wei, Huo Xu, Yue Yuan

2023 / Vol. 642, pp. 123167 / International Journal of Pharmaceutics

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Front Cover: Enhanced Dissolution of Metal Oxides in Hydroxylated Solvents – Towards Application in Lithium‐Ion Battery Leaching (ChemSusChem 15/2023)

Henrique Bastos, Nicolas Schaeffer, Jenny Pringle, João A. P. Coutinho, Cristina Pozo‐Gonzalo

2023 / Vol. 16 / ChemSusChem

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Coupling Anion-Capturer with Polymer Chains in Fireproof Gel Polymer Electrolyte Enables Dendrite-Free Sodium Metal Batteries

Meng Yang, Fan Feng, Y. X. Ren, S. Chen, Dewei Chu, F. Chen, Junhong Guo, Tao Cai, Zhenhai Shi, Wenqiang Zhang, Zhenqiang Ma, Tianxi Liu

2023 / Vol. 33 / Advanced Functional Materials

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A flexible and sensitive 3D carbonized biomass fiber for hybrid strain sensing and energy harvesting

C. Fu, W. Tang, Liangjun Xia, Zhuan Fu, Pei Lyu, C. Zhang, Junyao Gong, Azadeh Nilghaz, Zhigang Xia, Guangming Cai, Weilin Xu

2023 / Vol. 468, pp. 143736 / Chemical Engineering Journal

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Efficient mechanical exfoliation of MXene nanosheets

Y. Liu, Qingfeng Tang, Mao Xu, Jiaxin Ren, Chan Guo, g. Chen, Wenjing Geng, W. Lei, X. Zhao, D. Liu

2023 / Vol. 468, pp. 143439 / Chemical Engineering Journal

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The effect of the calibration method on the critical forming strains and fracture limits in the roll forming of 7075 series aluminium

Matthias Weiss, Matthias Weiß, Achuth Sreenivas, Hariharan Jeganathan, L. Jiang, Peng Zhang, Brian Oxley, Buddhika Abeyrathna

2023 / Vol. 316, pp. 117948 / Journal of Materials Processing Technology

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Incremental shape rolling of a variable depth profile

Abdelrahman Essa, Buddhika Abeyrathna, Bernard Rolfe, Matthias Weiss, Matthias Weiß

2023 / Vol. 316, pp. 117964 / Journal of Materials Processing Technology

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Performance of vapour compression based atmospheric water generation systems in arid conditions – Experimentations and perspectives in the Gulf region

Essa Ansari, Nicolas Lopez Ferber, Abdul Aziz Hulleck, Ludovic F. Dumée, Nicolas Calvet

2023 / Vol. 53, pp. 103739 / Journal of water process engineering

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A green and sustainable water evaporation-induced electricity generator with woody biochar

X. Li, Kun Zhang, Azadeh Nilghaz, g. Chen, J. Tian

2023 / Vol. 112, pp. 108491 / Nano Energy

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Latest progresses and the application of various electrolytes in high-performance solid-state lithium-sulfur batteries

Y. Li, Nanping Deng, Hongxia Wang, Qingyi Zeng, Shengbin Luo, Yongbing Jin, Q. Li, Wei-min Kang, Bowen Cheng

2023 / Vol. 82, pp. 170 - 197 / Journal of Energy Chemistry

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Ultrathin MXene nanosheet-based TiO<inf>2</inf>/CdS heterostructure as a photoelectrochemical sensor for detection of CEA in human serum samples

Yiwen Shi, Ting Li, L. Zhang, Lin Zhao, Y. Liu, Kexin Ding, D. Li, Peng He, Degang Jiang, J. Liu, Hua Zhou

2023 / Vol. 230, pp. 115287 / Biosensors and Bioelectronics

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High-performance zwitterionic membranes via an adhesive prebiotic chemistry-inspired coating strategy: A demonstration in dye/salt fractionation

P. Gao, Pengrui Jin, Ruben Dumas, Junjie Huang, Anika Benozir Asha, R. Narain, Ivo F. J. Vankelecom, B. Van der Bruggen, X. Yang

2023 / Vol. 676, pp. 121572 / Journal of Membrane Science

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Enhanced Dissolution of Metal Oxides in Hydroxylated Solvents – Towards Application in Lithium‐Ion Battery Leaching

Henrique Bastos, Nicolas Schaeffer, Jenny Pringle, João A. P. Coutinho, Cristina Pozo‐Gonzalo

2023 / Vol. 16, pp. e202300455 / ChemSusChem

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Boosting Plant Photosynthesis with Carbon Dots: A Critical Review of Performance and Prospects

Albert Kamal Abdou Saad Guirguis, W. Yang, Xavier A. Conlan, Lingxue Kong, David M. Cahill, Yichao Wang

2023 / Vol. 19, pp. e2300671 / Small

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The product-service system approach for housing in a circular economy: An integrative literature review

Soheila Ghafoor, M. Reza Hosseini, Tuba Kocatürk, Matthias Weiss, Matthias Weiß, Matthew Barnett

2023 / Vol. 403, pp. 136845 / Journal of cleaner production

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Impact of dispersoids’ distribution on portevin-le-chatelier effect and surface quality in Al–Mg-Sc-Zr alloys

Folarin Olarewaju Bakare, L. Jiang, T. Langan, Matthias Weiss, Matthias Weiß, T. Dorin

2023 / Vol. 875, pp. 145108 / Materials Science and Engineering A

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Inorganic composite coagulant for wool scouring wastewater treatment: Performance, kinetics and coagulation mechanism

C. Shi, Q. Wang, D. Li, Beini Zeng, Q. Liu, Yi-Tao Cui, J. Wang, X. Wang

2023 / Vol. 313, pp. 123482 / Separation and Purification Technology

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Silanization enabled superhydrophobic PTFE membrane with antiwetting and antifouling properties for robust membrane distillation

Z. Xiong, Q. Lai, Jiangyan Lu, F. Qu, HJ Yu, X. Chen, Gaosheng Zhang, Wenqiang Zhang, Shuaifei Zhao

2023 / Vol. 674, pp. 121546 / Journal of Membrane Science

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