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The Effect of Strain and Annealing on the Growth of NbC Precipitates During Two-Pass Hot Deformation of a Fe-30Ni-Nb Model Microalloyed Steel

Debasis Poddar, Pavel Cizek, Hossein Beladi, Peter Hodgson

2021 / pp. 1 - 11 / Metallurgical and Materials Transactions A: Physical Metallurgy and Materials Science

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Anti-oxidation mechanism and interfacial chemistry of BN@CaCO₃-SiO₂ microcapsule-added sodium borate melt on the sliding steel surfaces at elevated temperatures

ST Pham, KA Tieu, S. Wan, W. Lei, D. Liu, NT Tran

2021 / Vol. 566, pp. 1 - 12 / Applied Surface Science

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Smart-Responsive Colloidal Capsules as an Emerging Tool to Design a Multifunctional Lubricant Additive

ST Pham, AK Tieu, V. Sencadas, W. Lei, D. Liu, S. Wan, J. Hao

2021 / Vol. 13, pp. 7714 - 7724 / ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces

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Force fields for water-surface interaction: is reproduction of the experimental water contact angle enough?

Le Nhan Pham, Tiffany Walsh

2021 / Vol. 57, pp. 3355 - 3358 / Chemical Communications

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Assessing Diffusion Relaxation of Interlayer Water in Clay Minerals Using a Minimalist Three-Parameter Model

MH Petersen, N. Vernet, Will P. Gates, FJ Villacorta, S. Ohira-Kawamura, Y. Kawakita, M. Arai, G. Kneller, HN Bordallo

2021 / Vol. 125, pp. 15085 - 15093 / Journal of Physical Chemistry C

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Fluorine-free ionic liquid electrolytes for sustainable neodymium recovery using an electrochemical approach

Mary Kalani Erangi Periyapperuma Achchige, Jenny Pringle, L. Sanchez-Cupido, M. Forsyth, C. Pozo-Gonzalo

2021 / Vol. 23, pp. 3410 - 3419 / Green Chemistry

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High-precision detection of ordinary sound by electrospun polyacrylonitrile nanofibers

L. Peng, Xing Jin, J. Niu, W. Wang, Hongxia Wang, Hao Shao, C. Lang, Tong Lin

2021 / Vol. 9, pp. 3477 - 3485 / Journal of Materials Chemistry C

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Needleless electrospun phytochemicals encapsulated nanofibre based 3-ply biodegradable mask for combating COVID-19 pandemic

NA Patil, Prakash Macchindra Gore, N. Jaya Prakash, P. Govindaraj, Ramdayal Yadav, V. Verma, D. Shanmugarajan, S. Patil, A. Kore, B. Kandasubramanian

2021 / Vol. 416, pp. 1 - 12 / Chemical Engineering Journal

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Improving Cycle Life through Fast Formation Using a Superconcentrated Phosphonium Based Ionic Liquid Electrolyte for Anode-Free and Lithium Metal Batteries

T. Pathirana, D. Rakov, F. Chen, M. Forsyth, R. Kerr, Patrick Howlett

2021 / Vol. 4, pp. 6399 - 6407 / ACS Applied Energy Materials

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Application of super-concentrated phosphonium based ionic liquid electrolyte for anode-free lithium metal batteries

T. Pathirana, R. Kerr, M. Forsyth, Patrick Howlett

2021 / Vol. 5, pp. 4141 - 4152 / Sustainable Energy and Fuels

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Modulation of Peptide–Graphene Interfaces via Fatty Acid Conjugation

AD Parab, Akin Budi, N. Brljak, MR Knecht, Tiffany Walsh

2021 / Vol. 8, pp. 1 - 10 / Advanced Materials Interfaces

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A novel approach to improve the oil miscibility and incorporate multifunctionality in ionic liquids as lubricant additives

Priya Pandey, Anthony E. Somers, SK Hait, M. Forsyth, SSV Ramakumar

2021 / Vol. 23, pp. 3429 - 3440 / Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics

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Study of phosphonium based ionic liquid/dispersant additive interactions using spectroscopic technique for lubricant applications

Priya Pandey, Anthony E. Somers, SK Hait, M. Forsyth, SSV Ramakumar

2021 / Vol. 338, pp. 1 - 12 / Journal of molecular liquids

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Short Chain Imidazolium Ionic Liquids: Synthesis and Oil Miscibility in Various Base Oil by use of Surfactant as High Performance Friction and Antiwear Lubricant Additive

Priya Pandey, Anthony E. Somers, SK Hait, M. Forsyth, SSV Ramakumar

2021 / Vol. 69, pp. 1 - 14 / Tribology Letters

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Superhydrophobic and photocatalytic self-cleaning cotton fabric using flower-like N-doped TiO₂/PDMS coating

Esfandiar Pakdel, Hai Zhao, J. Wang, Bin Tang, Russell J. Varley, X. Wang

2021 / pp. 1 - 14 / Cellulose

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Recycled carbon fiber nonwoven functionalized with fluorine-free superhydrophobic PDMS/ZIF-8 coating for efficient oil-water separation

Esfandiar Pakdel, J. Wang, Russell J. Varley, X. Wang

2021 / Vol. 9, pp. 1 - 13 / Journal of Environmental Chemical Engineering

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Recent progress in recycling carbon fibre reinforced composites and dry carbon fibre wastes

Esfandiar Pakdel, Sima Kashi, Russell J. Varley, X. Wang

2021 / Vol. 166, pp. - / Resources, Conservation and Recycling

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Carbon fibre waste recycling into hybrid nonwovens for electromagnetic interference shielding and sound absorption

Esfandiar Pakdel, Sima Kashi, T. Baum, Ken Aldren Usman, Joselito Razal, Russell J. Varley, X. Wang

2021 / Vol. 315, pp. 1 - 11 / Journal of cleaner production

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Flame retardant polyphosphoester copolymers as solid polymer electrolyte for lithium batteries

JL Olmedo-Martinez, L. Meabe, R. Riva, G. Guzman-Gonzalez, L. Porcarelli, M. Forsyth, A. Mugica, I. Calafel, AJ Muller, P. Lecomte, C. Jerome, D. Mecerreyes

2021 / Vol. 12, pp. 3441 - 3450 / Polymer Chemistry

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Anion effects on the properties of OIPC/PVDF composites

Frederick Nti, George Greene, H. Zhu, Patrick Howlett, M. Forsyth, X. Wang

2021 / Vol. 2, pp. 1683 - 1694 / Materials advances

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