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Charged Boron Nitride Nanosheet Membranes for Improved Organic Solvent Nanofiltration

Mao Xu, Qingfeng Tang, Y. Liu, Jiaqi Shi, Wenqiang Zhang, Chan Guo, Q. Liu, W. Lei, g. Chen

2023 / Vol. 15, pp. 12524 - 12533 / ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces

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Embedding Co in perovskite MoO<inf>3</inf> for superior catalytic oxidation of refractory organic pollutants with peroxymonosulfate

Qingyi Zeng, Jing Tan, Beibei Gao, Tao Cai, Q. Zhang, Y. Liu, Sheng Chang, Shuaifei Zhao, S. Wu

2023 / Vol. 314, pp. 137726 / Chemosphere

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Microstructure features and carbon partitioning in low temperature bainitic steels: The effect of magnetic field

Baoqi Dong, Tingping Hou, K. Wu, Bernard Rolfe, Lingxue Kong, Minghui Cai, Peter Hodgson

2023 / Vol. 196, pp. 112635 / Materials Characterization

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Waste wool/polycaprolactone filament towards sustainable use in 3D printing

Abu Naser Md Ahsanul Haque, M. Naebe, Deborah Mielewski, Alper Kiziltas

2023 / Vol. 386, pp. 135781 / Journal of cleaner production

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Three-dimensional crystal plasticity and HR-EBSD analysis of the local stress-strain fields induced during twin propagation and thickening in magnesium alloys

Filip Siska, Daria Drozdenko, Kristián Máthis, J. Cizek, Tingting Guo, Matthew Barnett

2023 / Vol. 11, pp. 657 - 670 / Journal of Magnesium and Alloys

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Large-scalable fabrication of liquid metal-based double helix core-spun yarns for capacitive sensing, energy harvesting, and thermal management

C. Fu, W. Tang, Yuqing Miao, Ao Xu, Azadeh Nilghaz, Weilin Xu, Kai Dong, Bin Su, Zhigang Xia

2023 / Vol. 106, pp. 108078 / Nano Energy

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Facile and Scalable Fabrication of Conductive Ceramic Composite for Energy Conversion and Electromagnetic Interference Shielding

D. Li, Bin Tang, Deshan Cheng, JY Wu, W. Tang, Z. Zhang, Z. Zhao, Jingliang Li, Guangming Cai, J. Wang, X. Wang

2023 / Vol. 21, pp. 143 - 151 / Engineering

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Designing Carbon Fiber Composite Interfaces: Reactive Sizing Derived from Terpenes

Sujit S. Pawar, SA Hutchinson, Daniel Eyckens, F. Stojcevski, David Hayne, Jacqui L. Adcock, Paul S. Francis, Joselito Razal, Luke C. Henderson

2023 / Vol. 62, pp. 3157 - 3164 / Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research

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Equilateral triangular formation of unmanned surface vehicles for target tracking with event-triggered collision avoidance

Guohu Qian, Xing Zheng, J. Wang, Zonghan Xie, Qiong Wu, Weilin Xu

2023 / Vol. 267, pp. 113211 / Ocean Engineering

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2D graphene oxide and MXene nanosheets at carbon fiber surfaces

Katarina M. Adstedt, Madeline L. Buxton, Luke C. Henderson, David Hayne, Dhriti Nepal, Y. Gogotsi, Vladimir V. Tsukruk

2023 / Vol. 203, pp. 161 - 171 / Carbon

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Reclaiming water from a direct air capture plant using vacuum membrane distillation – A bench-scale study

Nouman Rafique Mirza, Debra Fernandes, Q. Li, Amr Omar, Shuaifei Zhao, Zonghan Xie, Robert A. Taylor, Jessica Allen, Paul H. M. Feron

2023 / Vol. 305, pp. 122418 / Separation and Purification Technology

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Impact of variability of cotton gin trash on the properties of powders prepared from distinct mechanical approaches

Zengxiao Cai, Abu Naser Md Ahsanul Haque, Renuka Dhandapani, M. Naebe

2023 / Vol. 413, pp. 118045 / Powder technology

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Natural sedimentation-assisted fabrication of Janus functional films for versatile applications in Joule heating, electromagnetic interference shielding and triboelectric nanogenerator

W. Li, Ziyu Song, X. Li, Yi He, Baozhi Yu, J. Zhang, Yu Bao, W. Wang, Zhonghui Sun, Yuxi Ma, Z. Liu, Libo Niu

2023 / Vol. 455, pp. 140606 / Chemical Engineering Journal

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Flexible carbon fiber based structural supercapacitor composites with solvate ionic liquid-epoxy solid electrolyte

Bhagya Dharmasiri, F. Stojcevski, Ken Aldren Usman, S. Qin, Joselito Razal, Egan H. Doeven, Paul S. Francis, Timothy U. Connell, Y. Yin, GG Andersson, Ameya Borkar, Luke C. Henderson

2023 / Vol. 455, pp. 140778 / Chemical Engineering Journal

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Stimuli-responsive heterojunctions based photo-electrocatalytic membrane reactors for reactive filtration of persistent organic pollutants

Priyanka Kumari, Nupur Bahadur, Xavier A. Conlan, X. Zeng, Lingxue Kong, LA O’Dell, Abu Sadek, Andrea Merenda, Ludovic F. Dumée

2023 / Vol. 452, pp. 139374 / Chemical Engineering Journal

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Plasticization mitigation strategies for gas and liquid filtration membranes – A review

Ying Shi Chang, Priyanka Kumari, Catherine J. Munro, György Székely, L. Vega, S. Nunes, Ludovic F. Dumée

2023 / Vol. 666, pp. 121125 / Journal of Membrane Science

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The influence of γ-fibre texture on the grain boundary character distribution of an IF-steel

Hossein Beladi, V. Tari, AD Rollett, GS Rohrer

2023 / Vol. 222, pp. 115042 / Scripta Materialia

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The impact of electrode conductivity on electrolyte interfacial structuring and its implications on the Na0/+ electrochemical performance

D. Rakov, Jianhua Sun, P. Cherepanov, K. Arano, Patrick Howlett, AN Simonov, F. Chen, M. Forsyth

2023 / Vol. 16, pp. 3919 - 3931 / Energy & Environmental Science

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Yield point phenomenon in low-alloyed TRIP-aided steel: role of retained austenite

Ravi Ranjan, Hossein Beladi, Peter Hodgson, Shiv Brat Singh

2023 / Vol. 39, pp. 85 - 93 / Materials Science and Technology

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TRIM8: a double-edged sword in glioblastoma with the power to heal or hurt

Hamed Hosseinalizadeh, Omid Mohamadzadeh, M. Kahrizi, Zahra Razaghi Bahabadi, DJ Klionsky, Hamed Mirzei

2023 / Vol. 28 / Cellular & Molecular Biology Letters

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