Our work on advanced alloys extends from fundamental to industrial scale. Our research is designed to increase profitability and competitiveness, extend product life and reduce energy consumption.

IFM metallurgy and materials researchers, working with researchers in artificial intelligence have created cutting-edge software that accelerates alloy design and optimises alloy processes, compared to traditional “trial and error” techniques.

Through the ARC Training Centre in Alloy Innovation for Mining Efficiency (mineAlloy), we are training innovators to design the world’s best highly customised, long-life, wear-resistant components.

Our research involves rapid development of customised alloys that excel in severe mining conditions, using 3D printing, novel characterisation and through our networked training environment. These innovations will enable much needed efficiencies in the industry.

Research projects



A/Prof Daniel Fabijanic daniel.fabijanic@deakin.edu.au
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Dr Santiago Corujeira Gallo Manager ARC Training Centre in Alloy Innovation for Mining Efficiency
+61 3 5247 9378