Electro and Energy Materials

Developing reliable energy storage solutions is vital for a successful transition to renewable energy sources.

Battery technology is a key focus for our research in this area, which includes a prototyping facility for new generation batteries (BatTRI-Hub). Through our advanced NMR facility, researchers can apply NMR imaging to the study of electrochemical processes, such as corrosion and battery discharge with the potential to make ground-breaking advances in understanding of the molecular-level operation of these devices.

Our researchers have pioneered research into novel electrolytes and alternative battery technologies such as sodium and metal-air batteries. Working with a number of industry partners, and through the ARC Training Centre for Future Energy Storage Technologies, the IFM team continues to lead advances in these areas, with applications for transport, renewable energy storage and sustainable recycling of critical energy materials .

Another group at IFM is focusing on new battery materials and developing high energy density electrodes, through the new ARC Industrial Transformation Research Hub for Safe and Reliable Energy. They are developing a new generation of technologies for storage from small-scale portable devices to large-scale industrial applications, using recycled and natural materials, and eliminating the serious fire risk in current technologies. They have produced a number of advanced cathode materials for application in electric vehicles and other high energy density devices.

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